scott pustizzi 242x300 - SCOTT A. PUSTIZZI

Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Scott Pustizzi is responsible for the development, refinement, and implementation of human resources initiatives for CCS. Scott joined the company in 2007, and has over 20 years of progressive experience in human resources and operations with a focus in mergers and acquisitions, labor relations, talent acquisition, health and welfare, and human resources technologies. He has extensive experience developing innovative healthcare recruitment and retention initiatives for residential, specialty treatment and correctional healthcare facilities and programs throughout the United States. Under his leadership, CCS has successfully built a healthcare employer of choice brand that retains high-caliber, competent clinical and professional staff as well as attracts a solid network of qualified candidates. Scott is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), has a bachelor’s degree in finance and international business and a master’s degree in business from Florida International University, with specific emphasis in human resources management and industrial relations.