CCS Takes 3rd in NBJ Growth Ranking

CCS President Patrick Cummiskey spoke with the Nashville Business Journal about the company’s continued positive growth. Following is the article that appeared in the NBJ earlier this month. CCS ranked third overall in the NBJ’s ranking.

What are the three primary ingredients in your company’s rocket fuel for growth? People. Planning. Execution. We are very fortunate to have an exceptional team in place with some of the very best minds in the business. They know how to formulate, plan and execute at the highest level.

Complete this sentence: “To work here, a person must … be compassionate, responsive and caring with co-workers and those we serve.”

What is the greatest challenge your company faces in the wake of Nashville’s boom? Continued competition attracting the strongest talent in the field.

What is the greatest opportunity for your company in the wake of Nashville’s boom? The constantly evolving health care environment which creates new resources on an almost daily basis and the expansion of services at Nashville International [Airport].

What changes have you made at your company to help cope with Nashville’s growth and traffic concerns? We have tried to be sensitive to the live-work balance, which means adjusting work hours around commutes and allowing employees to work remotely.

If your company were a space program, what code name would you give it, and why?“Tailwind.” We continue to have significant momentum as a company and expect the tailwinds to push us even harder in the future.”

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