Welcome to Correct Care Solutions. We are an international leader in public healthcare with nearly 11,000 professionals working in 38 states across the U.S. and Australia. We provide medical and behavioral health services for nearly 250,000 patients located in state hospitals, forensic treatment and civil commitment centers, as well as local, state and federal correctional facilities.


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CCS professionals are unlike any other in the behavioral and correctional healthcare industry. They are better prepared, proactive, and understand the lasting value of building authentic relationships with their… Read More

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In 2003, a group of correctional healthcare professionals formed a company that would change the industry’s dynamic forever. The company’s fundamental premise hinged on superior and diverse… Read More

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CCS offer expert service in behavioral health, local detention, and state, federal and private behavioral and correctional facilities… Read More

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We are a public healthcare company serving the healthcare needs of patients in corrections environments, state psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers and more. Our 11,000+ employees… Read More

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Read the latest about CCS, its team members, and our commitment to providing exceptional healthcare on an international level… Read More

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